Most people dream of a beautiful figure and a healthy body. But, unfortunately, not everyone manages to become real sculptors of their body. What is the reason? The thing is that for most men, the process of gaining muscle mass is quite difficult. Accordingly, no matter how much time they devote to sports, and no matter how well they eat, they fail to achieve the desired result. But luckily there is a solution! You have a great opportunity to purchase special preparations that will help you achieve exactly the result that you have always dreamed of. In this case, we will talk about steroids in tablets.

Oral Steroids

Why, without oral steroids, not everyone can achieve a dream figure? In fact, everything is easier than you thought. This phenomenon can be easily explained by the characteristics of the human body. Our muscles are able to burn huge amounts of energy even at rest. This suggests that our body is simply trying to avoid a rapid increase in muscle mass. Because of this, anabolic processes proceed rather slowly. And, of course, not all athletes like this state of affairs. At some point in time, they begin to realize that in order to achieve their goals, it is necessary to buy steroids in tablets.

What are steroid tablets?

First of all, it should be noted that absolutely all steroids include synthetic testosterone or derivatives of the male hormone. And this does not depend on their form of release. They help in activating anabolic processes and speed them up. This helps to quickly gain muscle mass.

To date, the market has a huge number of steroids in tablets. You can also purchase such drugs in our online store. Some of them have a mild effect on the body, while others are quite strong. But if you apply them correctly, you will certainly be able to achieve the desired results.

Properties of tablet steroids

It is worth noting that tablet steroids have a huge number of advantages compared to many other drugs. Among their main advantages are the following points:

  • Low cost tablets.
  • Ease of use.

If we talk about the effectiveness of these drugs, then here it is necessary to highlight the following points of their impact on the human body:

  • Promote the rapid burning of body fat.
  • Significantly increase the recovery period of muscle fibers.
  • Helps increase stamina during hard workouts.
  • Can inhibit the activity of cortisol.
Properties of tablet steroids

But tablet steroids have one serious drawback – they can overload the liver.

Combining steroids in pills

Absolutely all steroids in tablets for gaining muscle mass can be used for combined courses. But it is worth noting that in this case it is necessary to adhere to certain recommendations. Anabolics in tablets can be used in one course exclusively with injectables. This is due to the fact that APAS tablets have hepatotoxicity. If you use two of these drugs at the same time, then the risks of problems with liver function increase significantly.

PCT after a course with the participation of AAS tablets

In the event that you have previously completed a course of anabolic steroids with the participation of mild AAS, experts advise not to neglect rehabilitation therapy. The latter can start about a couple of days after the last pill. This can be explained by the fact that tablet steroids have a short half-life. The term of PCT can be from a crescent to a month. It depends on the strength of the course. During this period, athletes are advised to take Clomid or Toremifene. Experts also advise taking a course of hepatoprotectors. They will have a positive effect on the recovery of the liver.

Pros and cons of taking oral steroids

All drugs have advantages and disadvantages, especially oral steroids, which are often used by athletes in sports practice to obtain the desired result.

The positive characteristics of the drug include:

  • Convenient use. The tablet can be taken at any time of the day, when needed, simply washed down with water.
  • Tablets are highly effective and quickly excreted from the body.
  • As for the disadvantages of the tablet form, the following nuances can be noted:
  • Frequency of use of tablets.
  • There is no such wide range as injectables.
  • They do a lot of harm to the liver.
  • Be sure to take a PCT at the end of the course.

If the athlete follows all instructions and does not allow himself to deviate from the dosage set by the coach or doctor, the chance of encountering unwanted reactions is very low. Most often, these happen if a person has a history of chronic pathologies of the kidneys and liver.

What drugs can be taken in the form of tablets?

Speaking of anabolic tablets, it should be noted that their choice is not so great. This is due to the need for frequent use, a rather long course and high toxicity.

Among the most popular OSA are:

What drugs can be taken in the form of tablets?
  • methandrolone and its analogues – used to build muscle mass, retains fluid in the body, which leads to a strong rollback after the course;
  • oxymetalone – provides pumping, an increase in dry mass, increased endurance;
  • primobolan (in capsules) – has a moderate anabolic effect, but allows you to gain high-quality muscles without much rollback;
  • oxandrolone – a steroid for drying without gaining mass;
  • stanazolol – allows you to “dry” the mass and increase the bodybuilder’s endurance.